viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

The Wrong House

Artículo sobre el libro del libro de Steven Jacobs acerca de la arquitectura en el cine de Alfred Hitchcock encontrado en WMMNA

00aadawrongone.jpgThe Wrong House: The Architecture of Alfred Hitchcock, por Steven Jacobs (Disponible en Amazon USA y UK.)

010 publishers write: In the films of Alfred Hitchcock, architecture plays an important role. Having worked as a set designer in the early 1920s, Hitchcock remained intensely concerned with the art direction of his films. In addition, the 'master of suspense' made some remarkable single-set films, such as Rope and Rear Window, that explicitly deal with the way the confines of the set relate to those of the architecture on screen. Spaces of confinement also turn up in the 'Gothic plot' of films in which the house is presented as an uncanny labyrinth and a trap. Furthermore, it became a Hitchcock hallmark to use famous monuments as the location for a climactic scene. Last but not least, Hitchcock used architectural motifs such as stairs and windows, which are closely connected to Hitchcockian narrative structures (suspense) or typical Hitchcock themes (voyeurism). Apart from dealing with these issues extensively, Steven Jacobs discusses at length a series of domestic buildings with the help of a number of reconstructed floor plans especially made for this publication.


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